The first of its kind, Rïŋ Models is a new Australian modelling agency, dedicated to representing diverse models.


Boasting a catalogue of colour, Rïŋ Models is challenging the fashion industry’s bias towards Caucasian stereotypes.

At the helm is Juach Cyer – an entrepreneurial spirit with business flair. Cyer began Rïŋ Models in 2015, and named the business in honour of his cousin Rin Dut, a promising designer who passed away in early 2015.

With an appetite for the industry, Cyer is pushing diverse models to the forefront of the global fashion scene.

After witnessing the lack of diversity in the industry, Cyer saw the gap in the market. Recognising the need for more diverse castings by Designers and Photographers, Cyer took his dream and made it a reality. The concept was simple: supply the demand. If you want what doesn’t exist, create it – and Rïŋ Models was born.

Rïŋ Models is challenging the landscape of models in the fashion industry. Boasting a fresh and fierce roster, Cyer is championing the beauty in models of colour. With an already growing list of reputable clients, Rïŋ Models is receiving the response it deserves.

The current line-up of models represents a beautiful mix of ethnicities. Rïŋ Models is questioning the exotic label of ethnicity, and redefining the role of diverse models by making them staples in the industry.

- Rïŋ Models